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About Us

Image by Heather Ford

Our Story...

We believe that nothing can replace the joy and feel of a crisp, new paper book.

Large book retailers have made new books available for attractive low prices, but their problematic ethics are increasingly putting consumers off. Independent book shops provide a neighbourly experience and expert advice but cannot compete on prices.

Treat Your Shelves is our solution to these two ways of shopping. With our bespoke book boxes, we give you the independent bookshop experience: expert recommendations and ethical standards, coupled with competitive low prices and ease of use.

We want you to enjoy growing your bookshelf, just how we used to curate and cherish our record and CD collections, creating a physical representation of who we are, what we love and what we stand for. Make the conscious decision today and Treat Your Shelves.

Why we're different...

All of our team are fervent supporters of the fight against racial prejudice and are active allies and proud feminists. 

We want to provide you with an unbiased shopping experience and allow you to be more open minded, not allowing your inherent bias to choose for you. As a result, you can curate a book collection comprising authors of various races and genders.


There are so many wonderful books out there to explore. Let us show you what's good and get a surprise every time!


Treat Your Shelves x

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